Friends: Our Dubious Achievements of 2020

3 Jan

Friends: Our Dubious Achievements of 2020

While contemplating goals and intentions for the new year 2021 (yawn),

I asked pals, “What have I and/or you accomplished in 2020?”


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Prolific artistic output?  A thick, juicy novel ripe with creative breakthroughs?

A slew of wonderful new paintings — like 83 year old David Hockney?

After a totally non-scientific study and truly shallow analysis…

Ta Da!

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The Results! Winning!

Our Dubious Achievements of 2020

  • I started and cultivated a new hobby – an enviable collection of stylish and uncomfortable face masks and – who knew – a fashion accessory fetish.


  • Gained 5 (or so, but who’s counting?) pounds


  • Learned to bake a killer sourdough bread. I hate sourdough bread. It’s sour!


  • Subscribed to Netflix, Dash, Hello Fresh, Uber Eats and YouTube Premium.


  • Burned out a toaster oven and a knee.



  • Watched 5,725 hours of Netflix TV shows – and remember nothing.


  • Spent quality nap time with housebound, emotionally needy feline.


  • Cancelled Netflix.


  • Took MasterClasses in French Pastry Fundamentals + Wine Appreciation (See #2 Gained weight)


  • Developed a sleep disorder. Ironic being that I had so much more time for sleeping.


  • Sprouted some hopping mad hemorrhoids. Misery loves company, and so does sitting all day. TMI BFF!


  • Grew a mangy beard, got fleas from the dog, lost my girlfriend, took up smoking. Ouch.



  • Taught myself to play the electric guitar like Hendrix and Van Halen – sort of (thank you YouTube)


  • Engaged in squabbles and high-minded food fights with friends on Facebook. But were they ever really “friends?”


  • Ruminated endlessly upon philosophical conundrums such as “If laughter is medicine, can’t I be allergic to it?  Or overdose?”


  • Stayed alive. Did not die laughing. Whew! Success!


2021: WINNING!

Redefining success in 2021 – Happy & Healthy New Year!

If It’s January, Those Must Be Vitamins You’re Popping



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