Freedom: Wearing The Same Thing Every Day

2 Jul










There is a disturbing trend… people wearing the same thing every day.

What happened to fashion, style, color, texture, variety?

Fashion can be exciting, creative, stimulating.

Just ask Lady Gaga

Celebrate your freedom this 4th!

Why wear a uniform if you don’t have to wear a uniform?


Freedom what to wear uniforms








Clothes Horse or Clothes Ass?

“6 Reasons I Wear the Same Thing Every Day” by minimalist Joshua Becker

Dude! If you’re so stressed out that you can’t select a shirt to wear in the morning…

perhaps you need to meditate more.

You certainly have a tolerance for boredom way beyond most of us.

More power to you ūüôā



Free to be boring.

Keeping it simple.

Happy Independence Day!

“WHAT NOT¬† TO WEAR” TV SHOW – Fashion Interventions We All Need



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