Food 4 Thought: Who’s Hungry?

10 Mar

We sit too much. We’ve got to stand for something, don’t you agree?

Barb Best Humor

For instance*

I am con chile con carne. Don’t want to feel the burn.

I am pro prosecco. Loving the bubble tickle.

From England. Best thing since light-up tweezers! Prosecco gummies

From Germany. More fun than a bunny petting zoo! Gummy bears made with Dom Pérignon Vintage Champagne… Brut & Rose Champagne bears

Who needs hot pink peeps when you have champagne gummies?

Why can’t we make food products like these in America?

Barb Best Humor


Maybe we can. How ’bout Cinnamon Bun Oreos?  Even Gwenyth Paltrow eats Oreos… so she says.

Speaking of ham, have you noticed there are too many i‘s in “politician?”

Dear Donald Trump, You are a master at branding. May I suggest… your own personal line of honey-glazed canned hams?

Remember – sitting is the new smoking. Let’s stand up and follow each other on Twitter. I’m @HaBarb

* Tip: Never go grocery shopping or write a blog post when you are hungry.

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