FEEL GOOD TIP: You Haven’t Got Time for the Pain

2 Feb


Run-of-the-mill pain, angst, misery – it’s all relative.

One poor schlub’s kidney stone is someone else’s stubbed toe.

Many people claim to be miserable. On a scale of 1 to 10, how much do you hurt?

Pain Scale Humor

Universal Pain Assessment Tool


Seriously: You don’t have to be totally free of pain to be ūüôā


A stay in the hospital?


I went to the hospital and all I got were these lousy socks!


In addition to the stylish socks, you’ll likely be given a “Pain & Comfort Diary.”




Inside is thoughtful advice on “putting your pain into words,” “describing pain,” and “comfort measures you can take.”


  • There are expletives that are perfect for expressing pain. Use your imagination. (Note – if you use these ever popular four-letter words incessantly in your daily conversations, then they will lose the power and impact that real pain deserves. Might want to save a few of them for special occasions.)


  • Remember that “Healthcare professionals cannot see or feel your pain.” Help them appreciate by using descriptive words in combination with your well-chosen expletives… “stabbing, shooting, burning, excruciating, radiating, fu*king unbearable.”


  • Comfort measures are great if you can coerce the hospital staff to deliver them. How about a foot massage and a spa pedicure while you have that 4:00 a.m. blood draw? How about a plate of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies after that grueling biopsy? Maybe a shot of bourbon in your nightly dose of Miralax?


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