Fake Vacations: Is the Unposted Life Worth Living?

28 Apr


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The examined life is worth living.

The documented life is worth living.

But is the publicized life worth living?

Fake or Real?

Life publicized is posted on social media with text, images, and/or video for the universe to see.

It’s all out there – the good, the bad, and the boring.

The mundane and the meaningless.

The real and the fabricated.

Everyone is a quasi-celebrity on social media.

If somebody (anybody!) falls in the forest – and the video is not posted on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram…

… did it really happen?

We’ll never know.

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At Your Service

Guess what? There are companies that will fake vacations for you on social media.

Vacations With Benefits

I’ll be going on a fake European vacation this summer, and boy am I excited!

But why?

Because I’ll be saving a ton of real money.

Hey, no VAT tax to pay.

No airline, hotel, restaurant, or rental car bills.

Kissing off cell phone roaming fees.

I’ll save energy, too.

Voila! No flying means no jet lag.

Yay! No painful blisters from those excruciating touristic walking tours.

No torment from gastrointestinal distress courtesy of questionable cuisine.

Saying bye-bye to weight gain caused by vacation splurging.

Happily, no airport hassles.

Finally, no pet sitter. No Fido and Fluffy guilt.

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Bon Voyage

And if you go on a fake trip this year, enjoy!

I’m sure I’ll read all about it online ūüôā

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