Expiration Dates on Food Labels Kill Me

10 Jun


Revised nutrition labels on food products are on their way. They will feature urgent sugar warnings ūüôĀ

Okay, fine. BUT… there’s a larger problem with food labels…

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The microscopic expiration dates stamped on food product labels and bottle caps!

WHO can read these?

Food Labels Expiration Dates

Can you read me? Can you read me now?

No matter how perfect your vision, it’s difficult to decipher the dates. Especially the year dates… the digits “15” “16” “17” “o5?” are smudged or blurred.

Often the dates are stamped on the glass jar itself. This is truly evil.


Food Labels Humor



To attempt to make out this teeny-weeny, itsy-bitsy print… one has to squint, strain, and pop a neck muscle. Forget reading glasses, a magnifying glass, or binoculars. These will be inadequate.



Can you see me? Ha, Ha, Ha. Of course, you can’t.


Bottom line: It’s too easy to ingest the lite mayo that expired five months ago… and drop dead or worse.

This is Russian Roulette with condiments.

The infinitesimal print on food labels is a conspiracy to kill off old people. And, by old people, I mean everyone over thirty-five.

Food companies… How ’bout forkin’ for a new, large print date stamp?

We all know bigger is better.




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