Dumb or Just Numb?

21 Feb


Credit: IMDB

Credit: IMDB

Duh. WHAT?  We are not quite as smart as we think we are?

“A Stanford geneticist says humans have so many genetic mutations that we’re less intelligent than our ancestors, and it’s getting worse.”   – POPSCI.com By Rebecca Boyle Posted 11.19.2012

Perhaps some of us are merely in a pop culture coma – numbed by dumb. Or tainted by toxic junk food, high fructose corn syrup,  and freakish chemicals? Or overwhelmed by constant electronic contact and TMI?  Or… whatever.

Ample proof that some of us are a few ADD brain cells short of a joy stick:

Exhibit A:  Jay Leno’s Jay Walking

Exhibit B:  HuffPost Stupid Criminals

Exhibit C:  Politicians. Take your pick.

Exhibit D:  Classic Jessica Simpson


Exhibit E:  “1 in 5 Americans can’t read at a basic level.” Uh oh.  More peas, America! Brain foods on Oprah.com 

WTF. I vote for “smart” AND “funny!”

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