Dude Bait: Driverless Cars, Drones & 3D Printers

20 Mar


I love my male readers!

Not to pander willy-nilly to gender stereotypes, but here’s one you dudes may particularly enjoy…


Technology excites me as much as a Kate Spade flash sale at Bloomingdale’s. I love the newest electronic gadget.

I dig Cars! Drones! 3D Printers! You know – mechanical stuff that’s fun to manipulate (pun alert).


may be here in just 3 months. Can you say “Tesla Autopilot Mode?”


Would you want a driverless car if you could afford one? Appeals to a laid-back nature perhaps, but many guys don’t even want to relinquish pilot control to their wives.

Who gets the speeding ticket if you’re driving a driverless car? The DUI? The hit-and-run?

And isn’t that a misnomer anyway… “driverless car?”

I figure you still gotta “work it.” OH, I totally get the parallel parking feature.


Are you inclined to keep up with the Joneses and have your own drone? They look like toy Remote Control Helicopters With Cameras.

What would you do with a drone? Eavesdrop on the sketchy neighbors? Spy on the nanny? Check out the nude beach nearby? Can you spell C-R-E-E-P-Y?

BTW – Did you know you can buy an inexpensive drone on Amazon?


Seems like the perfect toy for the lone wolf. Faster than a speeding bullet. More life-like than a blow-up doll.

One application is for dentists to create dental implants and replacement teeth while you wait in the chair.

Sounds efficient, if not costly.

How about other implants?

You guessed it! Breasts come to mind. Other body parts? Use your imagination.

A very special printer: disrupt3D.com

Driverless cars:huffpost.com

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