Driving Me Crazy: 12 Excuses… What STOP Sign?

10 Apr


Driving can drive you crazy.


“Gee, Officer. Was there a STOP sign back there? I didn’t see a STOP sign. Please don’t shoot – just kidding.”


Excuses, Excuses!

* I was doing the finishing touches on my pedicure. After all, I’m on my way to my GYN app’t.

* Purse dog was driving. He’s nearsighted.

* It’s early. Not awake yet. Give me a break.

* I suck at Monday morning multitasking. You understand.

* Was meditating. Breakfast and carpool with kids was nerve-racking.

* Was texting. Okay, lock me up!

* Was revisiting cat fight on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion show.

* Was shaving. Told you I had a GYN app’t.

* Coffee was brewing.

* Enjoying a puff on my electronic cigarette after sex daydream. Love your uniform, especially the tall boots.

* Stopped to smell the roses in my dangling dashboard air freshener.

* Spacing out. This is L.A. dude.


Barb Best Humor


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