Day by Day: Are You Having a Bad Day?

29 Mar

Are you having a bad day?

Or a good 24 hours?

Classic Judith Viorst children’s book


Two Months of Bad Days

According to a recent study (don’t you hate recent studies?)

The average American has two months of ‘bad days’ every year.

60 days!

This is darn near one-sixth of your entire year.

Bad Day

Let us define… “A Bad Day”

“My wireless went out for five minutes and I panicked. It wasn’t pretty. ”

“I had to wait in line for ten minutes at Starbucks for my afternoon Iced Cinnamon Almondmilk Macchiato. I thought I’d die.”

“I missed my bus.”

“It rained.”

“I got a life-threatening papercut opening spam… yes, a can of Spam.”

Having a Bad Day Humor

Credit: Wikimedia Commons


“I dropped my cream cheese frosted, gluten-free cupcake on the kitchen floor and the dog ate it.”

“Stubbed my toe on curb while walking and texting.”

“No time for Netflix.”

“My self-driving car ran over my robotic vacuum.”

“Facebook f--king listening to me.”


First World Problems, anyone?

A good day!

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