Colonoscopy: Thoughts While Waiting for One

15 Aug

Thoughts While Waiting for a Colonoscopy

Sooner or later, we all have this medical procedure done.









My thoughts

My colonoscopy


  • At least I get to lie down for awhile. I could use a nap. Too bad it takes an invasive medical procedure and an I.V. propofol drip to cop a snooze. Michael Jackson, I feel your pain.


  • The slit in the back of this gown is rather stylish. Perhaps a new fashion trend? Maybe the holes in jeans are in the wrong places.

  • The Cleanse Colon Prep – they should market it as a weight loss diet. I must have lost 7 pounds yesterday.  Paleo Phooey!


  • So many hoses – or are they tubes? Ugh.  New meaning to YouTube.  NO way – I am NOT subscribing to the Colonoscopy Channel!


  • Jeez, I could use a good drink.


  • If I look down and see large red shoes on any of these “medical providers” – I AM OUT OF HERE!  NO SH*T!


  • I cannot fathom why some (older) folks actually dress up for a doctor’s appointment, let alone a medical procedure focused on the rectum. Then again, maybe I’m just a contrarian slob entrenched in California Casual.  Flip Flops Forever!


  • This can’t hurt more than the prep. It’s probably why they make the prep such a nightmare. Maybe give us propofol for the prep?


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