Cheese Is Addictive – Who Knew?

24 Oct


Cheese – soft, semi-soft, firm, hard – is the black sheep of the food pyramid.

Admittedly, I never met a brie, blue, or Asiago I didn’t adore.

From The L.A. Times by Jenn Harris “Cheese Really Is Crack – Study Reveals Cheese Is As Addictive As Drugs”

Blame it on opiates, dopamine receptors, and our lust for pizza.

People who count these things tell us that Americans, on average, eat 23 pounds of cheese a year.

And we’re not even French!

Soon there will be health programs to deal with this scourge…

“Romano Rehab”

“Gouda Detox”

“Mozzarella Anonymous”

String cheese is obviously a gateway drug. Mac ‘N Cheese for dinner again? You might as well hole up in a crack house or an opium den.

This also explains the recent epidemic of animals going wild on pizza.

Pizza Rat




Pizza Raccoon


Classic Hilarity from The Olsen Twins “Gimme Pizza” Song – Slowed Down


Nutritionists and doctors tell us to cut the cheese… but can we?

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