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New Year HA-Musings

16 Jan


How is 2013 going for you?

Credit: IJDR

Credit: IJDR







(I sincerely hope you haven’t slipped and cut your knee on a New Year’s Day “fitness” hike, come down with the flu, succumbed to a stubborn vocal cord infection and laryngitis, had a collision with a parking garage pole, received a swollen lip from the car door, broken an expensive glass vase in a gift store, and agreed to go to the movie Zero Dark Thirty on your wedding anniversary.)

If so (or worse!)… I feel your pain.

Speaking of pain, here are some Robitussin-induced musings: […]

Weekend Funny 5 Finger Clickin’ Good

7 Dec


The weekend is a wonderful time to indulge in books, food, movies, Facebook, and… ?


Funny Writers

Funny Food

13 Favorite Food Flicks

Facebook Funny Pic

Tracy Flick


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Weekend Funny 5 at the Movies

19 Oct

5 Reasons you’ll enjoy the movie “Some Day This Pain Will Be Useful To You” 

1. It’s about “coming of age angst”  2. Comic actress Aubrey Plaza (NBC’s “Parks & Recreation”)  3. It takes place in New York   4. Veteran actress Ellen Burstyn  5. Peter Gallagher (“Covert Affairs”)


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