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Baby New Year: It’s A Learning Experience

7 Jan

Baby New Year: It’s A Learning Experience

New Year: It’s A Learning Experience

Baby New Year is in shock.

No wonder she’s screaming her head off.

We mere humans are born not knowing much.

We must learn to suck, eat, use a toilet, set the car clock, send an email with a link that works and occasionally make our own mulch.


A Learning Moment baby humor












So what do we learn?

Lessons Learned

  • Don’t comb your hair with a fork – especially if it has spaghetti and meatballs on it. Even if it is funny.
  • Don’t put a dog biscuit in your mouth.
  • Don’t run with the wolves – or an ice pick.
  • Don’t lick your finger and stick it in an electrical socket.
  • Don’t let anyone else (like an older brother) lick your finger and stick it in an electrical socket.
  • Don’t touch the stove, it’s hot!  Have you noticed that “touch” has an “ouch” in it? Not a coincidence.

As we grow older, we must learn to survive, plus…

  • Open our hearts.
  • Play.
  • Laugh.


If you give a mouse a cookie… then you can teach it to play the harmonica.

If a mouse can learn to play a harmonica – what can we learn?




You can tickle a rat, but you can’t make him stop laughing..



HAPPY NEW YEAR 2022 ~ May it be better than you expect!

Happy New Year: 7 Things I Learned in 2014

Death: Condolence Greeting Cards for Real Life

1 Nov

Condolence Cards Daily Life Death Humor

Death: Condolence Cards for Real Life

There is considerable loss and misfortune in our daily lives. Perhaps mundane, and yet so tragic.


“Everyday a little death.”

– A Little Night Music


For your Comfort

My condolences on your recent disastrous coach flights through Cleveland and Newark and the loss of your luggage. That eclectic wardrobe of yours is… irreplaceable.



Condolence Cards Real Life








In deepest sympathy on the demise of your classic vintage Baroque sofa.

Who knew a cute little puppy 🐶 could chew through an antique armrest that has been in the family for centuries and is practically a historical landmark.


Condolence Cards Daily Life Humor





On the passing of your five year old Frigidaire.  “They don’t make them like they used to!” says everyone over 45 years old.  Perhaps this is a sign? God is tempting you to enjoy more processed foods and take-out meals.  Appliance demise is often a mixed blessing.



Sorry to hear your best friend flaked out on you again. Another dental emergency? Who wanted to go on that dopey luxury European cruise anyway? Mamma Mia! Mamma Mia Here We Go Again!



Condolence Cards Daily Life Death Humor

Good Help is Hard to Find

Sending you comfort as you process the neglect and desertion inflicted upon you by your trusted handyman. Anyone who can do the house stuff for you is marriage material. Lots of luck on your search – you’ll need it.



The Glass is Half Full


In deepest sympathy on the loss of your marbles. Perhaps it is time to play with your food or your feet.
Thinking of you as we all lose our memories – day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute… WTF I forget the next one.


Condolence Cards Daily Life Death Humor







Time to Heal

Sorry you’re going through this fresh hell. Nobody deserves this agony.  Wishing your internet connection a speedy recovery.
Carol Burnett

Neighbors? Anything but Bores on Nextdoor

1 Oct

Neighbors? Anything but Bores on Nextdoor

Neighbors? Anything but Bores on Nextdoor

Neighbors Nextdoor


NEIGHBOR is defined as

One who lives near or next to another

A fellow human

A fellow human! This covers every imaginable sort of person of interest under the sun.

Every stripe and strain from “Miss Congeniality” to “FBI’s Most Wanted”

Saints, sinners, helpers,

Freaks, fools and tools,

Lovers and haters.

AND they are all on the online Nextdoor platform – the popular social networking service for neighborhoods.

Nextdoor seems to have an attraction for the “Karens” and the trolls.


Neighbors Nextdoor

Love Thy Neighbor



Comedy Videos: I See Funny Women

3 Sep

Comedy Videos: I See Funny Women

Comedy Videos:  I See Funny Women

Laughter for Today, Tonight, Tomorrow… an antidote to the news.

Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar

Kristen Wiig and Annie Mumolo […]

Aging? You’re So Old You Probably Think This Joke Is About You

1 Aug

Aging? You’re So Old You Probably Think This Joke Is About You


You don’t feel old, but do you act old?










You’re as old as you act.


If the Joke Fits – Laugh!


  • Do you really need a park bench to sit on when taking a shower?


Face Masks Unused: Fun Things to do With Them!

1 Jul

unused face masks fun

You may still be wearing a face mask or not, but you likely have a bunch of unused ones sitting around.

And by a bunch I mean hundreds.

Time to clear the Covid clutter!

Repurpose those annoying fashion accessories.

unused face masks fun



Unused Face Masks: Fun Things to do With Them!


  • A stylish bikini bottom
  • Eye patch – you’re never too old to play pirate
  • A yamake that won’t blow off, “Look bubbe, no bobby-pins”
  • Butt floss
  • Cat toy
  • Makes a soft slingshot for the meek – no rocks, tearless contact with a projectile
  • A covid memory quilt consisting of all my stylish pandemic masks – call me sentimental 🙂
  • Contemporary art mobile

unused face masks fun










  • A gag for boomer Uncle Harry and his idiotic political rants
  • Just in case, you’re planning to rob a bank… a generic mask with no identifying personal info is recommended.


Save your unused masks for Covid variants and, of course, the next pandemic 🙁


To-Do: A List for the Listless

5 Jun

To-Do: A List for the Listless

JUNE To-Do List

Thank you Covid.

You have taught us patience.

A year of delayed gratification, postponements and chronic procrastination has created a to-do list longer than the pandemic itself.

The Short List

June Humor






An entire year without a pedicure.

The horror!

You know it and I know it.

It’s damn time for a serious exfoliating foot treatment. […]

Freedom: My Dream Job is a Remote Job

1 May

My Dream Job is A Remote Job

Yippee Yay!

Now that I’m working my forever dream job remotely from home…

I am free!  Free at last!

Riding the Freedom Choo-choo

While collecting a chunky paycheck

And maintaining my life work play goof off balance.


Dream Job remote Humor








Now That I Work Remote I Can…


  • Breastfeed my toddler twins fifteen times a day – each!  Ouch. Ouch.


  • Reach Level 8500 of Candy Crush Saga.  And you thought Skittles and M & M’s were addicting?


  • Score a load of laundered moolah in bitcoin trades. Too late?


  • Be a crypto consultant, day trader and night owl. Never too late.


  • Learn to play the saxophone while pretending to be in boring business meetings. So cool 🙂


  • Cook gourmet lunches for friends and family. Yum Yum.


  • Take my diva cat for lengthy acupuncture treatments and manicures while “working.” Wink, Wink!


  • Meet the neighbors. Why not?


  • Nap whenever I want! Like right now.


  • Have sex all day. They don’t call it Zoom for nothing.


  • Save money on gas, wheels, personal grooming and a presentable wardrobe.  I may look homeless, but I’ll be rich.


  • Every day, I can ditch the heels, Spandex and bra and wear my comfy clothes. Highly conducive to napping.


  • Experiment with acid and magic mushrooms before my annual job review.  Helps to focus? On what?


  • Go on vacation somewhere, anywhere, anytime.  The real goal!


Dream On!



Available on Amazon

Work & Retirement: All You Really Need to Know

April Pain: Reason to Complain

2 Apr

April Pain

On a scale of 1 to 10, where is yours?


Pain reason complain

Pain is Relative

Nobody has no pain. Not even a sea sponge or a nitrous oxide enthusiast.

Constant stress from styrofoam cling-on… a 2?

A nagging concern about proper toe alignment… a 1?

Cardiac surgery… a 10!

Childbirth… an 11!

A paper cut from a past due snail mail bill… a 5?

Personally, I worry that it’s wicker bag season. I hate wicker. It cannot compete with calfskin, cotton canvas or nylon as an accessory… a 2?

I love a Ceasar salad, but croutons annoy. They lack character. They either try too hard or not enough… a 3?


Pain is subjective, but so is pleasure and joy.

Covid-19 pandemic, lockdown hell, illness and death… 10 + 10 + 10 + 10 + 10 +

My arm hurts – not from the shot – but from logging onto numerous websites for days, weeks, months trying to nail an appointment for the vaccine… not even a 1.

Scientists seek ways to finally take real measure of pain…




I Feel Your Pain

National Humor Month

Groundhog Day: The Date, The Movie, The Legend

2 Feb

Groundhog Day: The Date, The Movie, The Legend

Groundhog Day

Ho Hum. February 2nd is Groundhog Day weather you like it or not.

The much maligned beaver and the irrelevant aardvark should have such marketing teams behind them.

BTW why doesn’t the groundhog have a mask on?

Is he alone on his laptop?

2021’s Groundhog Day will be virtual

When the groundhog sees his shadow, perhaps it’s merely the positioning of the TV cameras and lighting?

Comedy Classic

And yet, out of all the groundhog drivel, hype and hoopla exists a hilarious movie,

a comedy classic.



Who needs Groundhog Day when you’ve got “Groundhog Day” the movie?


FYI FEBRUARY 2nd is also Play Your Ukulele Day

Who knew?