My Cat has a Bucket List, Doesn’t Yours?

12 Sep

My cat has a bucket list.

As a matter of fact, he has nine.


Yes! My Cat Has a Bucket List

            You talkin’ to me?


He has (begrudgingly) granted me permission to share his first list with you.


  • Roll in the dirt with that sassy ginger tabby from across the street who struts by my sliding glass door several times a week.


  • Experience the freedom that mountain lions in the wild possess… but still be able to recline safely on the sofa for hours in the sun room whenever I desire.


  • Star in a funny cat video that goes VIRAL so I can cash in big time. YouTube is calling!


  • Experience bigger and better PURRS well into my latter years.


  • Pull a memorable prank on the dopey dog… perhaps something involving a rubber chicken, fishing wire, and a drone.


  • Scare the bejesus out of the vet and technicians when they hold me down for a shot.


  • All the wild caught Copper River King Salmon I can eat.



Don’t miss this poignant story from the New York Post:

Veteran makes touching bucket list for service dog

“A Marine veteran and his bomb-turned-service dog are in the midst of completing their final mission together, after a veterinarian told Cpl. Jeff DeYoung that his trusted pooch has just weeks left to live.”


HELL NO! This ain’t becoming no dang cat blog!


A Bucket List for the Burned-Out

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