Comedy and Cancer: What’s So Funny?

21 Oct

Cover of "Cancer Schmancer"

Cover of Cancer Schmancer

Comedy and Cancer

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Here are a few funny and empowering books, plays, TV series, and movies that promote humor and comedy when battling cancer.

Tig Notaro

Stand-up comedian and writer survived breast cancer and a double mastectomy.

“Hello, I Have Cancer.”

Fran Drescher

Cancer Schmancerthe book, the Movement, and the Foundation

Fran started the Cancer Schmancer Movement and Cancer Schmancer Foundation to “transform women from patients into medical consumers, and to shift this nation’s priority from searching for a cancer cure towards prevention and early detection of cancer.”


‘Thank God I Got Cancer!’ New book by Angelina Assanti laughs at ‘The Big C’

Comedy and Cancer


Speaker and author Brenda Elsagher has a funny and inspiring book on battling and surviving colorectal cancer,

If the Battle Is Over Why Am I Still In Uniform?

Humor as a Survival Tactic to Combat Cancer.


God said HA! Julia Sweeney

Brilliant and touching stand-up comedy performance. Cancer is a family affair.


The Big C – Showtime TV Series

More info –  Breast cancer awareness month


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