A Bucket List for the Burned-Out

17 Mar


Feeling weary? Tired? Burned-Out?

If you don’t have a case of Vitameatavegamin or Red Bull handy to give you an energy boost, try revising your bucket list DOWN. This will likely reduce that intense pressure and fatigue that you feel.


Feeling listless? Here’s a list!

A Bucket List for the Burned-Out

  • Savor success by facing your fears head on. Yes! Clean out that crazy ass kitchen drawer – you know the one.


  • Empower yourself. Learn to set the digital clock on the car – before it’s time to fall back and spring forward again.


  • Empty the crumb tray in the toaster. Should be done once in your lifetime.


  • Display gratitude. Send thank you notes for housewarming gifts received 5 years ago.


  • Embrace spontaneity. Clear your email spam file, but only if you’re in the mood.


  • Don’t climb a mountain. Make a mountain – preferably out of an ant hole.


  • Worship your body. Cut gluten for the heck of it. Also, find out WTF gluten is.


  • Unleash your rebel spirit. Make a playlist of unruly drinking songs and share loudly with your hoity-toity book club.


  • Seek closure. Sew that gaping hole in your fave pair of cashmere socks. Life is short.


  • Develop strength of character. Tell the cat to get off the kitchen counter. Say it like you mean it. You can always beg forgiveness later.


  • Conquer denial. Buy an umbrella. You know if. You just don’t know when.


  • Connect with your inner child… but don’t make him/her take a bath.

Feel the burn, not the burn-out.

Enjoy the moment, but savor the second. And never ignore the nanosecond. More wisdom? Follow on Twitter @HaBarb


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