Joan Rivers and Barb Best

“Barb is a prolific comedy writer. Her comic pieces at Barb’s Blast actually make me laugh out loud. I was in Dayton, Ohio, when she won the Erma Bombeck Global Humor Award. Her humorous pieces and one-liners are among the best I  have ever read.”   

Rose Valenta, Nationally Syndicated Humor Columnist

Barb Best and Rose Valenta

With Rose Valenta in Washington, D.C.









“Barb Best is a gifted humor writer and experienced columnist. Her blog, Barb’s Blast, is a joy to read. Barb is the 2010 Global Winner of the Erma Bombeck humor award. My Funny Books is delighted to be able to showcase her as a featured contributor to My Funny Valentine, a humor anthology currently in progress.”

Karla Telega, Editor, My Funny Books                         


With Andy Bombeck in Dayton

With Andy Bombeck in Dayton




“Barb Best came to our attention as global winner of the Erma Bombeck humor contest, and we were further impressed by her comic writing at her blog site http://www.barbbest.com. Her experience free-lancing and writing material for comedians is evident on any reading and we were delighted that she came on board with our “My Funny Valentine” anthology book. Professional and easy to work with, Barb is a wonderful addition here and sure to spice up any publication.

Linton Robinson, Editor My Funny Books


With Betsy Bombeck in Beverly Hills

Barb Best and Mark Russell

With Mark Russell at the Robert Benchley Society Awards Dinner

Quotes/Comments on Barb’s Humor Blog

I’m so glad I read Barb’s awesome post myself — food for thought!

So funny!

Oh my god …can’t. stop. laughing. I’m pretty sure this was the funniest post I’ve ever read.

Barb’s awesome original post gave me my much needed Friday morning giggle!

Love this post because it’s very witty!

Thanks for the giggle. I plan to forward this blog link to some friends who will agree with so much of your list. Great writing!

Wow. What a blog.

Great post!

This is AWESOME!

Love your post. Great Blog, I’ll be back.

Hi-larious list. What I don’t wanna do before I croak: lose my sense of humor. Thanks for the morning giggle.

LMAO! OMG, love it!

You have me thinking now…… Great post! Needed a great laugh! Congrats on being Freshly Pressed!

Love it. Wonderfully funny stuff. You’re my new idol!

This is awesome!


This is absolutely fantastic!

Thanks for this laugh! It was much needed and it made my day!

Wow LOL xD love this!


Thanks for the laugh, and causing me to look at life from another angle today.

As someone who has had not one but TWO lumbar punctures, I can tell you you are totally NOT missing out on anything. For real. They were awful. The post, however, is hilarious!

You have a great sense of humor: current, young and with it.

Appreciated this list so so much first thing on a Friday morning!!! Much needed giggles!!!

This made my day, thanks!

A completely new perspective of life I have never think of, I always read the to-do lists. Thanks for providing inspirations in life.

Way to go…funny stuff. You captured my thoughts exactly.

Barb, loved your post, you go girl!! LOL several times.

I was laughing myself silly reading this.

Great post! Very original.

Great twist on the bucket list. Great job.

Thank you for the laugh and for helping me think about my own list. Great post.

Love this Barb! Gave me a great chuckle and I am going to have to do my own list on my blog! Bravo!


Great list! It made me laugh.

This is a fantastic list. I feel inspired now.

Absolutely hilarious!! Ha ha ha…Amazing list!

Those were fun! Thanks for a great way to start the day with a laugh.

Haha this is amazingly hilarious. love it!

What a fun post. Smiling from ear to ear reading it. Thanks!

LMAO. This is the best freshly pressed in my opinion!

Wow the list is hilarious. it makes me realize exactly what i DONT want to do too.

This made me laugh first thing this morning, Thanks for sharing and you have inspired this blogger to do like wise.

Ha! That’s great. I found your blog via “Freshly Pressed” and I love it!

Thanks for this post and fresh perspective!

That’s a really cool list! Like the out-of-the-box thinking!

Stop you’re killing me! I saw the Mick Jagger bit and fell about laughing.

Thanks for the giggle.

Haha. Great post. It’s so true…which makes it all the more hilarious.

What’s not to like? Barb Best’s one of America’s most hilarious humor writers.


With funny authors Dawn Weber, Darlene Sneden, Lisa Tognola, Rachel Turner





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