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Author Tracy Beckerman & Her Puppy Monty

1 Apr

Funny new book by popular columnist Tracy Beckerman!  Lost In Suburbia: A Momoir  How I got Pregnant, Lost Myself, and got My Cool Back in the New Jersey Suburbs

Tracy gave us an exclusive… an interview with her fetching puppy Monty.




“The Scoop” with Monty B.

Monty, you’re even cuter than Tracy’s cell phone pics and Facebook videos. How do you maintain your playful, perky, puppy style? How old are you?

I turned 7 months old on March 26.  I maintain my youthful glow through a combination of diet (puppy chow and chewing on smelly sneakers) and exercise (I like to grab socks from the laundry basket and then Tracy chases me through the house to get them back).

What’s it like to sleep at Tracy’s feet while she writes her popular syndicated humor column Lost In Suburbia? Are you her real inspiration?

As a puppy, I have a lot of energy. So I find it hard to just sleep at her feet when she is writing. Instead, I’m inclined to jump up and pound the keys with my paws. This makes her column look like this:

afjkasdkfjweoi tjkrvms,d mas,c.kasjfakjfoipewj!!

For some reason, Tracy seems to find this very annoying.  However, I’ve read her column, and i think this is an improvement. Just kidding.  That’s a little retriever humor.

I do like the columns about me, though.  Except the ones where she says I’m not housebroken. It’s a lie.  Mostly.  Her kids are definitely housebroken, though.  Show offs.

What makes Tracy cool?

I think, is that she is a great mom, but she refuses to dress like a mom, drive a mommobile, or just talk about mom things.  I understand that she really struggled for a lot of years with her identity when she quit her job to stay home with her kids and ultimately, she felt like she needed to reinvent herself.  I’m pretty sure that’s what the new book is about, but I chewed it up before I had a chance to read it, so who knows.

Since Tracy’s fabulous and hilarious momoir Lost In Suburbia is about her life before you arrived on the scene, you’re not in the book. How do you feel about that?

Meh.  If W. Bruce Cameron had adopted me, there would be six books about me by now.

Is Tracy funny at home?  Hard to say. We find different things funny.  She thinks her kids are funny, and the suburbs, and driving in her bathrobe.  I like a good dead cat joke now and then. But I can tell you there is always a lot of laughter in our house.  The stuff that ends up in Tracy’s column and in her book starts in our home.  It always happens EXACTLY the way she writes about it.  OK, maybe not exactly, but close enough.  At least that’s what they tell me. But what do I know? I’m just a dog.

Don’t miss out on this terrific new book!
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