Are You MONEY Rich? How To Tell!

31 Jul


Are you rich?

I’m talkin’  $$$ MONEY $$$ RICH $$$not health & love & family & all that real stuff.

Dough. Moola. Donero.


Are You Money Rich? Barb Best Humor Blog

Here’s how you can tell!

– For your birthday, you launch personal fireworks displays from your auxiliary yacht.

– The state-of-the-art home theater in your Palm Beach residence does not have a sticky floor.

– The massage room at your beach house has your own brand of essential oils and healing aromatherapy.

– Your private library is big enough to be public.

– Your pets have their own private jet.

– Your valet has a valet.

– Your kids have no student loans.

Donald Trump considers you a pauper.



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