Amuse the News: Give Me Funny not Infuriating!

2 Oct

Not all news is a nightmare designed to give you an ulcer.

Read all about it!

Amuse the News

If you boycott current events for merely a day,

you will miss amazing, funny stories like these special ones I have curated

just for you. 🙂


News to Amuse Cheese Funny








Say Cheese

New York Post

Shrewd 9-year-old fills lip balm tube with cheese to eat in class 

With stories like this, I am no longer worried about today’s youth.

Kid is clever. So what if the teacher is lactose intolerant?

I would plead “I have legal rights! This is my therapy cheese.”

Lesson learned. Don’t leave home without your cheese.


amuse the news boob pillow





Pillow Fight!

Is this pillow for your boobs necessary?

Insecurity. Gravity. Chest wrinkles. Let’s blame this one on the Kardashians… all of them.



BBC News

Robot tells jokes?

Robot cleans floors, tells jokes…

What jokes?

News to Amuse Funny










A Robot that Tells Jokes

Smithsonian Magazine

Stick to the vacuuming, will ya?


‘Robocats’ are helping the elderly combat loneliness

But do they throw some shade and hack up hairballs? Meow.


Kale is officially over, hurrah!

Now can we bring down Brussels sprouts and broccoli?



film shorts funny news








Film Shorts

Las Vegas Review Journal

Dwarf porn star accused of…

A dwarf porn star? There’s an image. When it comes to depravity, size does not matter.

Remember. Fun news is good news.

Comedy Curation by @Habarb

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