ALL Pets Are Emotional Support Animals

23 Jan


ALL pets are emotional support animals, don’t ya think?

Barb Best Humor

If I had an official “emotional support animal” – it would be an imaginary one like in the Jimmy Stewart film “Harvey.”

Or maybe a pink giraffe or a purple unicorn. Something distinctive.

Mars Hubble

Recently, a woman attempted to travel with her 70-pound support pig on a U.S. Airways flight from Hartford to Milwaukee or Mars (I forget which).

Unfortunately, the pig had a nasty accident in the aisle of the plane before taking off. Fellow coach (surprise) passengers proceeded to make their own little stink…

… resulting in the pig being escorted off the plane.

TSA had no comment, but rumor has it bribes (bacon?) were involved.

Barb Best Humor Blog

The question is:

Especially if you’re already a nervous wreck,

what could be more stressful than carrying a 70-pound, non-potty-trained pig through airports?

Here is a hilarious piece by Patricia Marx in The New Yorker Magazine: How To Take Your Pet Everywhere

Washington Post – Justin Moyer – ‘Emotional support’ pig removed from airplane after defecating

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