Aging? You’re So Old You Probably Think This Joke Is About You

1 Aug


You don’t feel old, but do you act old?










You’re as old as you act.


If the Joke Fits – Laugh!


  • Do you really need a park bench to sit on when taking a shower?

  • Geez!  Why a stockpile of savory snacks and caffeinated drinks in your comfy sedan for an hour-long shopping excursion?
  • What? You’ve got a stash of toilet paper and kleenex plus a pharmacy in your car?
  • Seriously? You will only drive during odd numbered daylight hours?

Jolly Old Soul


  • Who knew a simple toy would change your life?  You are sexually excited when using your shiny new plastic pill cutter which you bought on Amazon for $3.98.


  • You don’t walk to the bathroom at night without first cracking a glow stick.


  • You count laughing as exercise.


  • Your joints hurt when you sit, stand, bend, stretch, inhale.


Aging Old Joke About You








New Habits


  • You eat dinner so early – you have to set your alarm clock.


  • You don’t have a dinner bell – you have a dinner siren.


  • You creak, crack and pop when you chew.


  • Your memory has slacked off on the job. Sometimes this is a blessing.




  • You yawn all afternoon.


  • You take naps with your grandbabies.


  • You have grandbabies!


  • Old Man River looks young to you.


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