7 Valentine’s Day Excuses for Underachievers

10 Feb


Does Valentine’s Day bring out the underachiever in you?

Join the crowd.

Valentine's Day Humor

Don’t sweat it.

7 Foolproof EXCUSES you can use!

  • I’m still in recovery from the Christmas and New Year’s holiday hoopla. Why can’t Valentine’s Day be in August?


  • My dog ate the 15-page love poem I wrote you. He’s jealous because you’re so wonderful.


  • A meteorite strike wiped out the jewelry store where I ordered your diamond necklace. You know how long it takes to collect on insurance claims.


  • I have a serious allergy to the color red. Yes, I carry an Epipen. (One for pink, also.)


  • I’m in mourning. Pet goldfish died. Handle me with care.


  • A sinkhole swallowed up the amazing Lamborghini I bought you. Thank God I wasn’t in it at the time.


  • Truth be told, I’m lazy. How ’bout Chinese take-out and Netflix?


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No excuses. Happy Valentine’s Day to all!

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