7 Things I Learned This Week

2 May


7 Things I Learned this week… for better or worse.


Barb Best Humor 7 Things I Learned this week

* According to Time Magazine, I have recurrent back pain ’cause I have a Chimpanzee-shaped spine and really have no business walking upright on two feet.  However, this does not explain why I have bunions.

* It is possible to break your #1 molar on a freakin’ piece of toast – if said toast is California style sprouted wheat bread made with organic sprouted wheat berries, sprouted soybeans and sprouted corn. Last time I buy the healthiest loaf I can find. Wonder bread never caused me a fracture. Sending the dentist bill to Trader Joe’s.

* I am not the least bit interested in wild animal dentistry. Are you? Who is?

* An aged rust iron jester crown can be had for $45 on Amazon. For the special someone who already has a beret and a tiara. Birthday is coming up. Hint. Hint.

* If the audience in the movie theater is laughing at you and not with you, don’t hold your breath for an Oscar nom. Yes, I’m talking to you… Jonah Hill and James Franco.

* I am in love with Marcus Lemonis of CNBC‘s The Profit. What more can I say… for now.

* There is a woman who can smash soda cans and watermelons with her breasts. She is in The Guinness World Records.




Time Magazine


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