7 Great Ideas That Will Change the World?

7 Aug


Everyone wants to change the world.

Great Ideas that will Change the World

(well, maybe just mine or yours )

1. Move to the beach; adopt casual coastal philosophy toward life (and flooring).


2. Convert the boring automatic dishwasher in the (duh) kitchen to a wine cooler. Cheers!


3. Go vegan.*


4.  Dye bangs chartreuse.  See if loved ones notice.


5. Teach the cat how to twerk.  YouTube opportunities abound. Can you say, Grumpy Cat?  Ca-Ching, Ca-Ching!


6. Skip cutting toenails for 5 months, then freak out pedicurist with zombie-like nails and raging fungus infection.

Upside: Learn Korean for “Holy Kimchee! Your feet are gross.”


7.  Dive head first into the minimalist movement…end up with 2 chairs, 1 table, favorite books, bed, laptop, 4 wine glasses, and 15 cat toys.  Spend all day lost in a funk… window shopping on eBay.


** Vegan with the following notable exemptions I generously grant myself: Birthdays, holidays, seasonal occasions (can you say summer barbecue? Thanksgiving turkey? Holiday parties?), and great ideas garnered from select Food Network TV shows.


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3 Responses to “7 Great Ideas That Will Change the World?”

  1. Kimba August 10, 2014 at 10:49 am #

    Ice cream becomes an officially recognized food group. Embrace the 10 hour work week. Yard sale shopping as an Olympic sport.

    • Barb Best August 10, 2014 at 2:04 pm #

      Thanks. LOVE those suggestions, Kim… especially “Embrace the 10 hour work week!”

  2. harlan petersen August 21, 2014 at 11:24 pm #

    (The website is a work in progress, and don’t think it will ever be done)
    I wish I could take advantage of all your suggestions, but for most people they would no doubt be good.
    Re. your “vegan” advice: a female acquaintance said she saw me in a vegetarian store recently,
    but I said I never saw herbivore.
    (not original)

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