15 Things I’m NOT Worried About… Yet

21 Sep

Are you a worry wart?

What I'm NOT Worried About Now

Guatemalan Worry Dolls


15 Things I’m NOT Worried About… Yet

  • Ebola growing in my Brita filter


  • Pumpkin spice is back with a vengeance.


  • New iphone XS monthly charge is more expensive than a car lease.


  • Not using dryer balls


  • No textural chemistry among those in my book club


  • My cat thinks I’m a cat. What does this say about me? Have I sublimated my identity as a human to curry favor with a fifteen pound furball?


  • I can’t afford the rent on My Happy Place.


  • Healthy Halloween snacks are a bore.


  • Puppets – gay or straight – having sex in the preschool playroom. Bert and Ernie… what happens on Sesame Street stays on Sesame Street?


  • Age verification on Rose´ purchases


  • Crepey skin


  • Pig Poop


  • Sleep coach gives me nightmares


  • Honeymoon drone photography


Don’t be worried, be happy!

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